Help Needed To Identify Van Sought In Murder Investigation

April Dawn Millsap, a 14-year-old girl from Armada, Michigan, was tragically murdered earlier this week. Cops don't have many leads just yet, but they want to question two males seen in a dented gray van seen in the area. And they need your help identifying it.

If you know anything about what van it might be, or have any other relevant information, please contact the Michigan State Police at 877-616-4677, drop a comment here, or leave a tip at

Van ID Help Needed

The small town of Armada, Michigan - pronounced "R-MADE-uh" - does not usually suffer from serious crimes. However, a 14-year old girl was murdered there the other day. Her name was April Dawn Millsap.

The small town's police force has been helped by state and Federal law enforcement and now they need YOUR help. Especially if you know VANS.

A "dented gray van" was seen in the area that day and authorities would like to talk to the "two males" who were in it.

No one is saying they had anything to do with this but, you know how it is. Interestingly, it is not a surveillance camera photo. "The van caught the suspicion of a resident who took a photo and provided it to police."


Nothing in the news I have seen yet indicates that anyone knows anything more about the van than its color. My knowledge of the visitors of this site tells me that we should be able to figure out a lot more than that and do our part to help investigators in this case.