Van ID Help Needed

The small town of Armada, Michigan - pronounced "R-MADE-uh" - does not usually suffer from serious crimes. However, a 14-year old girl was murdered there the other day. Her name was April Dawn Millsap. » 7/26/14 9:20am Saturday 9:20am

The Wrecked Corvette

A recent Jalopnik post let readers gripe about warranty repairs. In my "real" job, I am an attorney and specialize in "Lemon Law," having filed thousands of lawsuits on behalf of aggrieved buyers of unfixable cars. It gets to the point where phone calls that start with, "My transmission fell out of my car on the day I… » 7/16/14 12:49pm 7/16/14 12:49pm

#1 is an old wives' tale. I interviewed several of the aero engineers who worked on the Daytona/Superbird projects (including THE guy who conceived of the wing) and no one ever mentioned trunk clearance. At 180+ MPH, the cars did not have clean air at the deck lid surface. They put it higher to get it into clean air.… » 7/06/14 4:40pm 7/06/14 4:40pm

Fine, How About Some Tanks?

The other day I shared some pics from the RAF museum in London, which reminded me of my visit to the British Tank Museum a few years earlier. The museum is in Bovington, which is a bit of a hike from London, but well worth the trip if you like huge metal vehicles that can blast holes in stuff (and each other). I had… » 6/26/14 3:47pm 6/26/14 3:47pm

My Father's First Truck

My grandparents owned a cabin on a piece of property on Lake Superior which our family referred to as "The Camp." In the summers, my parents would often take their six boys – among whom I was the youngest – to visit for a week or two. The property had a couple other buildings as well. My earliest memories of summer… » 6/14/14 3:53pm 6/14/14 3:53pm

How A Holocaust Denier Fooled The Internet With Nazi Jetpack Soldiers

One of the great accomplishments of Nazi Germany's war machine was a jetpack that propelled their soldiers into the sky. It was a fantastical device whose story has been told many times on the web and it would be even more impressive if it weren't the propaganda of a Holocaust denier disguised as history. » 5/02/13 12:59pm 5/02/13 12:59pm

I'm the one who shot this: I sent it over not because of HOW they guy was driving but because of WHAT he was driving. We see horrible drivers down here all the time. I debated whether I should send it over, wondering how long it would take for someone to point out that I was "filming while driving." Jalopnik readers,… » 7/30/12 3:09pm 7/30/12 3:09pm