What To Do When You Are In A Car Accident

No matter how fabulous of a driver you are, there is a good chance you will be in a car accident someday. Here are my tips on how to protect yourself and your rights after the accident. » 3/31/15 3:50pm Yesterday 3:50pm

Can You Name That Shifter?

The advent of digital photography has resulted in me taking a lot of pictures. And I mean a lot of pictures. My photo library on my computer is out of control and I often spend hours trying to find pictures I am sure I have taken - but I just can't remember when. » 3/29/15 11:00am Sunday 11:00am

One Nasty Snow Plow

In Michigan's Upper Peninsula, it snows a lot - several hundred inches a year. Snow can stop traffic, even on train tracks. And back when they mined copper, they had no time for that nonsense. So one mining company got a Russell snow plow - this monster you see here - and just blasted the snow off the tracks. » 3/28/15 10:00am Saturday 10:00am

How Small Claims Court Works - The Podcast

Last week I wrote a piece on small claims court, where you can have the People's Court experience but without the cameras. Apparently, quite a few daring readers have gone through the process and many more have had the occasion where they thought about it seriously. » 3/26/15 9:00am Thursday 9:00am

45 Years Ago Today, The 200 MPH Barrier Was Broken In NASCAR

It was 45 years ago today that Buddy Baker broke the 200 MPH mark for a closed course with a stock-bodied car, driving a Dodge Charger Daytona past the mark at Talladega. It was an amazing event, and involved some corporate intrigue. » 3/24/15 11:00am 3/24/15 11:00am

One Million Readers Can't Be Wrong - Or Can They?

It's been about a year since I started posting here and along the way, I've had a few pieces that got traction. I've had a few that didn't, but let's not talk about those. And I write weekly for Car Buying so a couple of my pieces that did well were on that venue. So, if my memory serves me, here are the pieces of… » 3/21/15 9:40am 3/21/15 9:40am

Yes, that is on a pilot production model at the Petersen museum in Los Angeles. I took the photo -that car is not stolen. I just needed a good photo of a VIN tag. » 3/19/15 4:31pm 3/19/15 4:31pm

How (And When) To Take Someone To Small Claims Court

If you ever get ripped off for a few thousand dollars, you might not be able to – or need to – hire an attorney. You should consider suing in small claims court. Here’s how that works. » 3/19/15 2:00pm 3/19/15 2:00pm

Crazy Court Stories - The Podcast

For an attorney, court shows on TV can be maddening. What happens in real life in court is nothing like what you see on the picto-cube. But once in a while, something entertaining does happen. This week's podcast contains some of my favorite examples: crazy things I've seen in court. » 3/19/15 9:00am 3/19/15 9:00am

Meet A Turbine Car Builder From This 1964 Photo

One of the great things about writing books is that you get to meet people who did cool things. Like fly jet packs or build turbine cars. Once in a while, I meet them after the books come out. It's too late for them to make the book, but it's still pretty neat. The other day, I spoke to a guy in this picture. » 3/16/15 1:00pm 3/16/15 1:00pm

Not sure why, but I am kind of thinking this might be a challenge (or an inspiration?) I may have to do a circuit of the lower 48 and see if I can get more mileage in fewer days. With a rental, of course. » 3/12/15 10:36am 3/12/15 10:36am

Things To Never Buy From A Car Dealer - The Podcast

If you want to buy a new car, you pretty much have to buy it from a car dealer. But in the process, the dealer will inevitably try to load you up with other stuff at the same time. Much of what they will try selling you is stuff you should never buy from the car dealer. » 3/12/15 9:10am 3/12/15 9:10am

At 105 we had a jingle which had a piece of audio played backwards. I kid you not, if you played it frontwards, it said: The party lizard is the devil. » 3/09/15 2:40pm 3/09/15 2:40pm

Why You Should Never Buy Gap Insurance From A Car Dealer

In my practice, I review automobile purchase documents all day long. And I cringe every time I see someone who has purchased the overpriced gap insurance from the dealer. They’ve been ripped off to the tune of several hundred dollars and probably had no idea. » 3/09/15 2:00pm 3/09/15 2:00pm

Pictures: 1970 Plymouth Superbird

I present to you an immaculate 1970 Plymouth Superbird. I had the opportunity to visit a really cool car collection the other day and this winged car was one of the highlights. I am writing a book on the winged car era at Chrysler so I took a few pics. » 3/07/15 9:30am 3/07/15 9:30am